Tuesday, August 25, 2009

[ Jinmen ] How to get the map of Jinmen island

I can't look up the map of 金門島 [Jinmen island] in the website. It is easy to know why that. Jinmen island is the front-line base of battle only ten years before. In the Jinmen airport we can get the Jinmen maps, and it's free.

Both 厦門 [Xiamen] and 金門 [Jinmen] seem to be islands of same size. Try to compare it a little. Amoy Island is about 12.5km East-West and north-south about 14km, Jinmen Island is about 18.5km East-West, north-south about 15km. The Jinmen island have a shape took 0.6% reduction in Japanese 四国島[Shikoku] (East-West 240km north and south 180km) . The airport that there is 高知[Kochi] of 土佐[Tosa] and the ferry that is around 伊予[Iyo] of the 瀬戸内海[Seto inland sea].
But it is an island pretty very small.


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