Sunday, August 23, 2009

[Xiamen / China] Ferry terminal of Xiamen

A sea voyage for 45 minutes to Xiamen. Dongdu ferry terminal looking from my sheet is the first time. I went through the Customs clearance procedure in a place without humanity, greatly and barbarously. The entry is different from a Taiwanese and a Chinese, and a foreigner needs a normal procedure.

I passed a gate, there was a friend, and she picked me up.

[today's photos-1] I was looking at Dongdu ferry terminal from the guest room of the ship. Photos images were no so good because it was just a dirty window and a wave spray and a darkness of sunset.
[today's photos-2] I settle in the service apartment and I appear in the balcony and photograph it. By the way, it is a room on the 30th floor this time.
[today's photos-3] Dongdu ferry terminal shines in lighting it up at night.


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